Day 8: Wrap Up

Today is the last day for my 7DRL, and I'm calling this game shipped! I wish I had more time to polish and add more content; there are a bunch of hacking-related mechanics that didn't make the cut.

Overall I'm pretty happy with this year's entry. Being honest, I don't think it's quite as good as Catacombs (my 7DRL 2020 entry) in terms of gameplay, but I'm fairly pleased with where the hacking mechanics settled. I think it's enough to get a taste of what could be possible with more time and effort.

A big take-away for me this year is that my tools aren't quite sharp enough yet.  A good chunk of time was spent redoing basic roguelike engine work, instead of unique gameplay, etc. *Next year* I'll have a sweet engine, of course ;)

All in all, it's a fun comp and I'm happy to have finished something small 2 years running.


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Version 15 Mar 14, 2021

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