Day 1: Core Game Loop

Today was all about getting the core game loop functional.

Play H@CK3R

I started out with the guts of my recent Sokoban-like, and replaced the hand-made maps with procedural generation. The overall procgen layout is provided by @mousepox/dungen, a simple generator which creates a series of rooms within a grid.

Thematically, I'm leaning towards a cyber-punk/hacker vibe thus far, but we'll see how the game pans out over the next week.

Most of my recent jam entries have been using Kenney's excellent game assets, but for this project I wanted to take more creative control and draw all the pixel art myself. Although this will add a bit more work, it's time to put my personal stamp on the visuals. This time around I've swapped out my trusty DB32 palette for the UFO 50 palette.

I'm pretty pleased with the progress thus far, as the main "A to B" game loop is finished: Start a level, find the exit, return to title, and rinse, repeat.

Now all I need to do is add a game to this little shell. 😉

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