Day 2: Combat + Lose Condition

Now that it's a new work week, progress will be a bit slower than over the weekends. I'm trying to find a couple hours each evening to keep the project moving forward, though.

After the A -> B win loop, the next thing needed to make this a proper game is a lose condition. And what better way to lose than combat?

In this first pass at combat, the player can "bump" into enemies to attack them; very roguelike. For each step the player takes, enemies will get a chance to act as well. The rudimentary AI will remain still until the player gets too close, then chase them forever, trying to "bump" them.

Soldiers (placeholder sprites) with this AI are now randomly placed throughout the level, and if the player sustains 3 points of damage from them, the game is over. If the player can navigate past or kill the soldiers, they can find the exit and win, as before. (Note: The number of enemies, health, and damage values are completely unbalanced at the moment.)

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