My #7DRL game, Catacombs, is done! Play it here.

Overall I feel pretty good about the challenge, and the game. I kept the game within scope, and delivered a small, decently polished experience.

First, a couple shout-outs to other creators whose assets I used:

Let's do a mini post-mortem!

Things that went pretty well:

  • Started with an existing turn-based prototype, in my custom HTML5 stack. This really let me hit the ground running in terms of going straight to gameplay and content.
  • Leveraged existing tools, like Tiled
  • Simple tweaks to standard roguelike mechanics (permadeath, hunger clock)
  • Arcade style, endless meta game (easy to implement, no bosses, etc)

Things that didn't go so well:

  • Procedural generation. I didn't end up with as much variety/emergence as I would have liked because of  an overly simple procedural generator. (Floors are static with 1-4 object layout variants, and I only made 5 floors)

Feels good to ship something small and complete. Looking forward to doing this again in 2021 :)


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Did you use Djinn for this, or one of your side project micro-engines?


Side project micro-engine :)

Djinn hasn't aged well, and I'm militant about using TypeScript these days.

If you're curious, the source is on GitHub.


Strong approval on the use of TypeScript! Neat! Why yarn over npm?


I switched from using npm to yarn back when yarn first released since it was faster and had "locking". I gather that newer versions of npm are on par now, but I haven't had a compelling reason to swap back.