Day 5 Progress

A cool new feature landed today: Affixes!

Affixes are floor-wide modifiers which, when active, increase the difficulty in some way. Two affixes currently exist:

  • Combustible: Monsters burst into flame when the die, leaving a hazard behind for several turns
  • Vengeful: Monsters leave behind a vengeful ghost when they die

Affixes are currently applied every so many floors and are announced via some flavor text.

Other changes of note:

  • Skeleton form can no longer benefit from Heart pickups; in fact it's best to avoid them...
  • When Human form reaches 0 Food (aka starving) they no longer lose 1HP each step. Instead, a forced resource trade is made of 1HP for 25 food.
  • Sounds! Added a few sounds here and there. More to come. (HTML5 Audio objects seem to cause bad lag in Safari, so consider another browser)

Next up on the agenda is pivoting to content: Adding more floors, variations, monsters, trap, affixes, etc.

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Version 13 Mar 05, 2020

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