An incomplete entry for 7DRL Challenge 2023.

My goal this year was a more traditional roguelike using my recent ECS engine work. Instead of opting for text-based graphics, I chose simple sprites.

I wanted to play around with the sight/LOS mechanic in this game. The player can see only a limited distance, which is influenced by their sight distance and amount of oil in their lamp. When the player's oil runs out, they can only see a 1 tile radius.

Ideally, the level design, resources, and other mechanics play well into sight, but this is only manifested a little in the actual entry.

Having chosen to start from scratch this year, my progress was definitely impeded, but was fun to jam, as always.

While there is some interesting concepts and content here, I decided to mark this an incomplete because I just didn't have the time to fully realize the game loop, squash bugs, etc.

I hope to have a stronger and complete entry for next year! This is my fourth year in a row participating in 7DRL so I'm happy to at least kept the streak going, even with an incomplete entry.


  • Move: WASD or Arrow Keys
  • R to restart after dying



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